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New York Ignores Lawsuit; Supreme Court Orders It to Respond

Keith G. Langer April 25, 2023

From today's Volokh Conspiracy:

“Today, the Supreme Court called for a response; this doesn't guarantee that the Court will agree to hear the case, but it does suggest some interest on the part of at least one Justice. It also gives an extra 30 days for any other people or groups to file amicus briefs in support of the petition: "An amicus curiae brief submitted in support of a petitioner … before the Court's consideration of a petition for a writ of certiorari" may be "filed within 30 days after … a response is called for by the Court." It will be interesting to see whether any other amicus briefs come in. And it will of course also be interesting to see what the state argues in opposing the petition, and whether there will be amicus briefs filed in support of the state.”

The case concerns NY's "advisory" to banking institutions to cease dealing with firearms-related businesses. We await whatever response NY deigns to proffer.

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