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Firearms Law & Collections Law Attorney Serving Walpole, MA

Keith G. Langer at Shooting Range

Keith G. Langer

Attorney at law

As a long-time member of the firearms license review board, I have keen insights and knowledge of gun laws in Massachusetts and was appointed to the review board by Governor Romney in 2005. I actively participate in shooting competitions and have been involved in shooting sports for many years. I went to law school later in life, and large firms weren't looking for attorneys who already had life experience and expertise so I opened my own firm and have been practicing since 1995. Above all else, I enjoy advocating for my clients and serving their legal needs.

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People don’t get in trouble by saying too little. They get in trouble by saying too much.


Defending Your 2nd amendment rights

As an avid shooter myself, I can handle any firearms case with expert knowledge and shrewd discernment. Because I'm always staying on top of gun trends and policies, I hear about problems within the gun community quickly. With my legal connections and expertise, I help my clients understand the details of their situation and how to defend their right to bear arms.

With a background in shooting sports and firearms, I have a thorough understanding of exactly what kind of guns my clients are involved with. It's important to know exactly what my clients are dealing with so that I can properly and effectively present their case to the court.

Other scenarios such as criminal use or possession of firearms require the same level of expertise. If this if the case, your time to protect your rights and defend your freedom may be limited. Hiring an attorney that focuses on firearms law early on can have a significant impact on the outcome of your case.

I'm passionate about helping clients who are facing criminal gun charges and/or individuals who have been fined for infractions they may or may not have known about. With my strong research skills and dedicated advocacy, you can be confident that everything is being done to protect your rights.

Practice Areas

Asserting Your Interests & Defending Your Rights

Firearms Law

A licensing issue or a criminal charge, I will help you understand gun policies and protect your 2nd amendment right to bear arms.

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Collections Law

Have you been shorted by customers who don't pay their bills? I can help you take legal action to recover the payment you are owed.

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Animal Law

Involved in a pet-related dispute? Need representation to help you keep your pet? I can help you find a solution to your situation.

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Breaking Barriers To Overcome obstacles

Proudly serving Walpole, Massachusetts and Rhode Island, I assist individuals and manufacturers in legal matters involving the use, licensing, and sale of firearms. As a firearms attorney, I use my background in competitive shooting and position on the board of licensing review to help my clients understand the various laws that govern their 2nd Amendment rights.

Understanding the laws regarding bill and debt collections is the most effective strategy to reduce the stress of a threatened credit score. Many clients come to me with medical bills that have piled up and are now seeking a collections attorney to help them protect their finances. I use my legal research skills and oral advocacy skills to help my clients find a solution.

As a pet owner myself, I know how important animals can be to individuals and families alike. However, there are cases where owners haven't properly trained or contained their animal, resulting in the damage of property and/or personal injury. These situations require the counsel of an experienced animal law attorney.

Whether you need a skilled firearm or collections attorney, or reliable counsel for other legal matters, I can help you pursue the best possible outcome for your case. I enjoy the deep research that makes oral advocacy effective and finding solutions to complex legal problems. Reach out today for a consultation.