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Those charged with criminal violations of firearms law need counsel who understands the nature and function of firearms themselves, as well as of the laws regarding their use. An active shooter, Attorney Langer knows both guns and the laws affecting them and has successfully defended gun owners facing criminal charges.

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If You Are Charged with The Criminal Use or Possession of A Firearm, Please Call This Office to Schedule an Appointment as Soon as Possible.

Attorney Langer has also assisted manufacturers in getting their products approved for inclusion on the Massachusetts Approved Firearms Roster, and dealers with licensing issues and questions about the legality of certain firearms in the state.

Simply obtaining a firearms license in Massachusetts and Rhode Island is an arduous process. Attorney Langer has over two decades of experience dealing with the licensing process in both states, seven years on the Massachusetts Firearms License Review Board, and has written amicus briefs for the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court and the Supreme Court (including the Caetano decision, overturning Massachusetts' ban on “stun guns”). Those with any licensing issues or obstacles should contact this office.