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Grasping the Obvious: Most Crime Is Perpetrated by Repeat Offenders

Keith G. Langer Feb. 24, 2023

Posted by Keith G. LangerFeb 24, 20230 Comments

"The gun criminals are, according to the numbers, a relatively small, violent group with felony records. They commit a significant percentage of urban gun crimes while free on bond and awaiting trial on other crimes, or while on parole or probation after prior convictions and prison sentences, data shows.

The analysis is based on arrest records collected by the Hartford and Waterbury police departments and was prepared by the Chief State's Attorney's office. The data shows the number of arrests in Waterbury is slightly less than in Hartford, but the percentages track.

In Hartford, shooting suspects had long criminal records; half those arrested over the last three years had been arrested in the city for something else within the prior year and one half. On average, they had 10 prior arrests, three for felonies. Most are men (95%), 18- to 34-years-old (70%).
Hartford data drawn from 345 gun violence incidents between January 2019 and March 2021 shows that 85% of the suspects arrested for gun crimes had been convicted of gun crimes previously."

Hardly news to those of us who think rationally about the issue.