With Hearing Imminent, Chief Agrees to Issue License

February 2023

In a case where the chief's denial was based upon an utterly irrelevant case, citing a wholly inapposite statute, the chief reversed his position less than 48 hours before court:

"Attorney Langer,

I have reviewed Mr. P*****'s appeal to the denial of his license to carry firearms. As such and after consultation with counsel, Mr. P****** is in fact a candidate for an LTC [License To Carry Firearms]. If he can meet with me some time next week, I'll approve his application and submit it to the FRB [Firearms Records Bureau].

There will be no such meeting, as the application has already been submitted and the chief has committed to its approval.

The hearing has been continued to provide time for the application to be submitted and the LTC issued.

Practice area(s): Licensing

Court: Wrentham Dist. Court

Keith G. Langer

Keith G. Langer, Attorney at Law SERVING NORFOLK COUNTY, MA, AND SURROUNDING AREAS Solo practitioner concentrating in civil litigation, collections, family law and administrative law, particularly firearms licensing.Professional Qualifications: One of the longest-serving member of the Firear...