October 2023

Client had his LTC suspended when his now ex-wife obtained a restraining order, then charged him with violation of it. The RO was terminated, and the charge of violating it failed when the clerk-magistrate found no probable cause for a complaint to issue.

The issue then became regaining the suspended license, with an RO and attempt to bring a criminal charge on his record. Adding to the challenge was the fact the client had moved, so two chiefs had to be satisfied of his suitability; the chief who issued it, and the chief in the town he now lives it.

We had a very cordial, professional, and productive meeting with the issuing chief and his licensing officer this morning. The client was told both chiefs were satisfied with his eligibility, and his LTC would be restored.

The client is, of course, elated.

Practice area(s): Administrative Law

Keith G. Langer

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