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Second Amendment Win in Hawaii

Keith G. Langer Aug. 6, 2021

"Plaintiffs' Motion for Summary Judgment - Court's intent is to grant in whole. Court to issue a written order.

Defendant Clare E. Connors, in her Official Capacity as the Attorney General of the State of Hawaii's Counter Motion for Summary Judgment - Court's intent is to deny in whole. Court to issue a written order.

Defendant requested to delay entry of the judgment for 30-days so that it can determine a course of action. No objection from Plaintiff. The Court directed Counsel to confer and file proposed language to be included in its order by August 6, 2021."

The lawsuit challenged Hawaii's requirements on gun owners, particularly the Honolulu Police Department's registration and gun policies.

Applicants for a firearm permit must appear in person at the central police station on Oahu, meaning the applicant must travel to the police station in Honolulu to apply for a gun permit. The applicant, regardless of where they live on the island, has to return to the station in person 14 days later to pick up the permit. Once the person acquires a firearm; then go back to the station again to register the gun. As anyone who has driven in Hawaii knows, this is a tedious process.

This court has struck down the requirements and given the state 30 days to respond.