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Second Amendment Foundation Wins Again in IL

Keith G. Langer April 27, 2021

Illinois Circuit Court Judge Webb in White County has ruled the requirement for possessing a Firearm Owner's Identification Card to possess a gun in the home is unconstitutional under the Second Amendment. This is the second time a charge for not having an FOID Card for a gun in the home has been struck down.

“The FOID Card requirement in order to exercise the constitutionally enumerated right to keep and bear arms under the Second Amendment clearly goes too far in this case,” said SAF founder and Executive Vice President Alan M. Gottlieb. As White County Circuit Judge T. Scott Webb notes in his ruling, ‘It simply cannot be the case that a citizen must pay a fee in order to exercise a core individual Second Amendment right within their own home.' For too long, Illinois has been treating this right like a regulated government privilege and that needs to stop.”

In his ruling, Judge Webb observed, “If the right to bear arms and self-defense are truly core rights, there should be no burden on the citizenry to enjoy those rights, especially within the confines and privacy of their own homes.”

In Massachusetts, a Firearms Identification Card is also required merely to possess a basic rifle or shotgun in the home. It costs $100; ten times what the IL FOID costs.