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Firearms Policy Center Loses/Government Wins: NON-Violent Felons Lose Firearms Rights

Keith G. Langer Nov. 17, 2022

The court held:

"Based on history and tradition, we conclude that 'the people' constitutionally entitled to bear arms are the "law-abiding, responsible citizens" of the polity, a category that properly excludes those who have demonstrated disregard for the rule of law through the commission of felony and felony-equivalent offenses, whether or not those crimes are violent. Additionally, we conclude that even if Range [who had been convicted of a state felony-equivalent charge of welfare fraud] falls within 'the people,' the Government has met its burden to demonstrate that its prohibition is consistent with historical tradition."

Had Range been convicted of a VIOLENT felony, I sincerely doubt the FPC would involve itself with him.


Now the next issue: May those convicted of non-violent MISDEMEANORS be stripped of their firearms rights?