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EOPSS's Position Rejected for The 16th Time

Keith G. Langer Oct. 10, 2019

For what is at least the sixteenth time, a Massachusetts District Court has rejected the Executive Office of Public Safety and Security's dictat as a correct statement of law, and a valid basis for revoking/refusing to renew the firearms licenses of those who obtained relief from the Firearms License Review Board.

Judge Brennan, who wrote the decision in Arata v. Seekonk on the exact same facts, granted the Petitioner's Motion for Judgment on the Pleadings. It expressly sought the court ordering EOPSS, through the Firearms Records Bureau, to issue the LTC, as applied for.

These cases are a complete squandering of the taxpayers' money, particularly the petitioners'. EOPSS refuses to acknowledge its error, forcing people to go to court to protect their rights.

Note that, as EOPSS is an executive agency, this abuse both began and continues under Gov. Baker.