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EOPSS Reasoning Rejected for The 12th Consecutive Time

Keith G. Langer Jan. 28, 2019

EOPSS Is Now 0 for 12.

The Greenfield District Court just issued the twelfth, consecutive rejection of the rationalization asserted by EOPSS, a bureaucracy with no licensing authority, advising chiefs to revoke existing firearms licenses. As with the five other courts providing a detailed analysis, this court noted the decision of the New Hampshire Supreme Court, which rejected EOPSS' reasoning three years before EOPSS issued its missive:

"This court finds the New Hampshire Supreme Court's logic in Dupont v. Nashua Police Department and Dupont v. McDonough et al. NH 2013-0513, 2014-017, 113 A.3d 239 (2015) persuasive in this case. The Petitioner's misdemeanor conviction over thirty years ago does not preclude him from retaining a Firearms Identification Card and it does not preclude the licensing authority in the Town of Sunderland from renewing and issuing a Firearms Identification Card to the Petitioner at present.

Furthermore, this court specifically finds that Petitioner fully restored his civil right to possess a firearm in Massachusetts through a favorable Board decision and therefore the law entitles him to his Firearms Identification Card. As a result the Petitioner is not disqualified by Federal Law from possessing a firearm."

(Bold added).

The chief's decision was overturned.