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Court Overturns Chief's Revocation of LTC Based upon Recanted Accusations

Keith G. Langer April 15, 2022

Today's MA Lawyers Weekly reports:

"Angiuoni had his license revoked by the Tewksbury police chief on June 24, 2021, after Angiuoni's stepdaughter obtained a 10-day restraining order against him, premised on a sexual abuse allegation she would later recant.

The restraining order expired, and authorities never arrested, charged or indicted Angiuoni based on his stepdaughter's initial report.

Nonetheless, Chief Ryan M. Columbus and the Tewksbury Police Department retained possession of not only Angiuoni's license but also his firearm, which he had voluntarily surrendered upon receipt of the chief's letter.

Angiuoni, a federal corrections officer, has a heightened interest in being armed, as people with such jobs are frequently targets for retribution, Kennedy wrote in the memorandum of law he submitted in support of his appeal in Lowell District Court."

Of course, being a Federal officer probably helped his case greatly.