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Another Client Gets His LTC Back

Keith G. Langer May 2, 2022

My client had to use his lawfully carried handgun to defend himself and his son from a large, angry, bipolar assailant. NO charges were brought against him at the time; it was his assailant who was, correctly, arrested and charged.

Weeks later, my client had his LTC suspended on the false claim HE had been charged with Assault w/a Dangerous Weapon. At the time I challenged that suspension, the PD which had responded to the assault my client called then about, applied for a criminal complaint.

Note that the level of proof to obtain such a complaint is nominally just a mere 51% probability that a crime occurred. In practice, the standard is often much lower.

That application was DENIED by the Clerk Magistrate, at the conclusion of the hearing - no "taking it under advisement." 

That means NO charges were ever brought against my client; not when the issuing PD suspended his LTC, not when I first wrote that chief, and not when I wrote him again last week, seeking restoration of the LTC.

Neither the chief nor his licensing officer responded to me. However, my client reports as follows:

Hi Keith……..good news……..LT J. from the XYZ PD called and my LTC has been reinstated and is being mailed to me tonight……..they got your letter…….Thank you Keith"