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Amicus Brief Accepted by The Supreme Judicial Court

Keith G. Langer July 19, 2019

The SJC solicited amicus briefs on the question of whether a statute criminalizing the discharge of a firearm w/i 500 feet of a building imposed strict liability, or required intent.

I prepared and filed a brief - my third case/fourth brief - on behalf of Commonwealth Second Amendment, Inc., arguing the latter position. The court accepted it today; the case is on the RESERVE list for Sept. 9th. I would be surprised if it were actually heard then.

The last amicus briefs I prepared were two for the Caetano "stun gun" case; first, for the SJC, then for the Supreme Court. The brief for the Supreme Court was a significant project, and it was gratifying to see the decision reflect much of my argument.

This brief was significantly simpler; I had successfully argued intent at a show-cause hearing. It will be interesting to see how the SJC deals with this issue, as it solicited the brief. As of this date, no other amicus briefs are on record.