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A Judge Who “Gets It” Regarding Gun Bans

Keith G. Langer April 28, 2023

From the hearing in Harrel v. Raoul, a challenge to IL's latest gun-ban bill, before Judge Stephen McGlynn of the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Illinois:

“Judge McGlynn thanked counsel for their excellent briefing but offered the closing comment that from where he and other judges sit, "we have to start looking at not just the guns, but why we have all these troubled teens and young people going through mental health crises. What medicines are they taking? What red flags are we seeing and why are they being allowed to come into school?"  They need to be identified and prohibited from access to weapons, but: "Nothing like that is in this bill.'"

This judge knows firearms, and challenged the state's attorney about license applications being “slow-walked.” Read the full story here: