Persistence Pays Off - LTC Obtained For Client Initially Denied

August 2023

My client's initial LTC application, which I did not prepare, was simply denied, by a mere phone call. The law requires a written notice of denial, with the reason for that denial.

I wrote the chief a letter informing him of those facts. The chief then sent a backdated denial letter, denying him on “suitability.” That denial was appealed and upheld in a non-hearing on the bare, technical grounds that the client had signed the application two days prior to his turning 21, even though it was submitted, and processed, after his birthday. 

After a suitable period elapsed, the client re-applied. I prepared his application packet. My cover letter to the chief stated:

“As [my client] still has no criminal record whatsoever, and still holds a Firearms Identification Card from your department,  you have no statutory basis for a denial other than “suitability.”           I suggest another claim that [my client], who already has lawful, licensed access to guns now, and has for some time, is suddenly “unsuitable” to possess them remains legally and logically untenable.”

The client picked his License To Carry up yesterday.

Court: N/A

Keith G. Langer

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