Good News to Start a Client's Long Weekend

February 2023

A Certain Town, blindly obeisant to a poor policy decision by the Dept. of Criminal Justice Information Services, since repeatedly struck down in court and rescinded, denied my client's application for a firearms license. It refused to credit the relief expressly given to him for that express purpose by the Firearms License Review Board.

A discussion with the licensing officer was fruitless, as he clung to a letter exhorting a refuted policy. I began preparing the petition to challenge the baseless denial.

I just received a call from that town's counsel, a large, Boston law firm that represents, it seems, half the municipalities in this state. The PD began to doubt its decision, and actually started reviewing the current state of the law. It then realized it was wrong, and what I told it was correct. 

Town counsel informed me the LTC will be issued. While it would have been a very entertaining case to present to the court, this saves my client a great deal of money - and the town from an embarrassing loss.

Next up - a town which ignores a court order and the express language of the statute it was issued under...

Practice area(s): Civil Litigation

Keith G. Langer

Keith G. Langer, Attorney at Law SERVING NORFOLK COUNTY, MA, AND SURROUNDING AREAS Solo practitioner concentrating in civil litigation, collections, family law and administrative law, particularly firearms licensing.Professional Qualifications: One of the longest-serving member of the Firear...