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Collections Law

Attorney Langer will assist creditors seeking to obtain payment and will bring actions in Small Claims, District and Superior Court to enforce contracts. His office uses subscription research and tracing services to locate debtors and their assets.

Once judgments have been obtained, he uses those services, together with county sheriffs, to enforce orders and agreements. Clients pay expenses, but no attorney fee unless and until the debtor actually pays.

Your Time May Be Limited!

If you are a defendant in a civil suit, you have a specific period of time in which to file an answer. Failure to do so can result in a default judgment being issued against you. Failure to timely submit responses to discovery requests can also negatively affect your case. Those named as defendants in criminal cases via clerk magistrate or “show cause” hearings must appear, or the complaint will issue against them. Those seeking to appeal a negative action, such as a firearms license denial or revocation, denial of a permit, or losing a case at trial, all have specific time periods in which to act. Do not lose your rights by inertia or delay.

Act Now!

The law is an area in which inertia can have very negative consequences: The loss of rights and remedies. It is unlikely that your problem will just “go away” - act now to protect yourself and preserve your options.