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Civil Litigation

Civil litigation is a broad area of law. In its simplest terms, it means any legal proceeding brought by a private party and those actions brought by a governmental entity for which there is no penalty of incarceration. In other words, civil litigation cases differ from criminal cases in that they do not result in prison time. If you have been named as a party to a lawsuit, as opposed to being arrested or arraigned, you are almost certainly involved in some aspect of civil litigation.

People who find themselves involved in a civil litigation case often don't realize the importance of working with an experienced civil law attorney. Having a skilled lawyer fighting on your side can provide you with confidence that your rights will be protected and your voice will be heard. If you are involved in a civil action in Walpole, Massachusetts or Rhode Island, the other side likely has a lawyer working for them, so you should make sure you have one as well.

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If you have a conflict with an individual or a business regarding contracts or collecting payments, or an issue with a land owner regarding the use of property, hiring an accomplished, knowledgeable attorney working with you on your case can put you on the right track. Don't be fooled into thinking you don't need an attorney for your case. Protect yourself and your rights by retaining the services of a civil law attorney who will work hard on your behalf.

Civil litigation attorney Keith G. Langer has litigation experience in contract disputes and collections, land use and permitting, licensing, and consumer protection matters; as well as more specialized work in the Family Court. If you are in the Walpole, Massachusetts or Rhode Island areas and you are in need of legal services, contact Keith G. Langer Attorney at Law today to schedule your consultation.