C. 258 Harassment Order Renewal DENIED

February 2024

Client's neurotic neighbor sought, and obtained, a civil restraining order. Despite the fact that she admitted, and evidence proved, her photo surveillance of the client's property, and was constantly calling the police, who found no wrongdoing, she had the order issued, and then extended. She sought to have it extended again, whimpering and crying about his "guns" - which had been surrendered when the order first issued - and his truck being too loud, despite his changing the muffler to make it quieter.

Notwithstanding the complainant's counsel bringing up irrelevant issues, and giving a 5-minute closing when allotted only 3 minutes, my presentation of logic and fact prevailed. The order was NOT extended, and the client is thrilled.

Practice area(s): Civil Litigation

Court: Plymouth District Court

Keith G. Langer

Keith G. Langer, Attorney at Law SERVING NORFOLK COUNTY, MA, AND SURROUNDING AREAS Solo practitioner concentrating in civil litigation, collections, family law and administrative law, particularly firearms licensing.Professional Qualifications: One of the longest-serving member of the Firear...