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Rhode Island Bar Journal Article

Rhode Island pet owners may find my article on using replevin to recover their pets, published in the Jan/Feb, 2019 issue of the Rhode Island Bar Journal, useful.

March 2016

Posted by Keith Langer | May 27, 2017 | 0 Comments

The Supreme Court acted on Caetano v. Massachusetts, the “stun gun” case in which Attorney Langer, on behalf of Commonwealth Second Amendment, filed an amicus brief. The Supreme court granted certiorari and, without need of a hearing, REVERSED the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court's decision a...

October, 2015

Posted by Keith Langer | May 27, 2017 | 0 Comments

Attorney Langer was admitted to the bar of the Supreme Court of the United States, to file an amicus brief on behalf of Commonwealth Second Amendment in  Caetano v. Massachusetts. This case challenged the Massachusetts prohibition against Electronic Defensive Weapons (EDWs); i.e., “stun guns.”

Mass Lawyers Weekly publishes rebuttal letter.

Posted by Keith Langer | Nov 12, 2016 | 0 Comments

The Editorial Board of Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly ran an endorsment of AG Healey's unilateral inversion of what constitutes an “assault weapon.” My rebuttal to that endorsement ran the following week: Dear Editors: In the October 21st issue of MLW, the editorial board declared, “AG on right s...

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Your Time May Be Limited!

If you are a defendant in a civil suit, you have a specific period of time in which to file an answer. Failure to do so can result in a default judgment being issued against you. Failure to timely submit responses to discovery requests can also negatively affect your case. Those named as defendants in criminal cases via clerk magistrate or “show cause” hearings must appear, or the complaint will issue against them. Those seeking to appeal a negative action, such as a firearms license denial or revocation, denial of a permit, or losing a case at trial, all have specific time periods in which to act. Do not lose your rights by inertia or delay.

Act Now!

The law is an area in which inertia can have very negative consequences: The loss of rights and remedies. It is unlikely that your problem will just “go away” - act now to protect yourself and preserve your options.