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EOPSS Reasoning Rejected for the 12th Consecutive Time

The Greenfield District Court just issued the twelfth, consecutive rejection of the rationalization asserted by EOPSS, a bureaucracy with no licensing authority, advising chiefs to revoke existing firearms licenses.

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EOPSS Rejected for the 14th Consecutive Time

EOPSS now 0 for 14. In fact, the police departments are starting to accept the utter failures their revocations based upon the EOPSS dictat are. Not one court has supported the agency.

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Proposed "Safe Storage" Petition Is Unconstitutional

Proposed "safe storage" petition is unconstitutional.

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Amicus Brief Accepted by The Supreme Judicial Court

Amicus Brief accepted by the SJC…

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Bar Association Thank-You for Presentation

RIBA thank-you…

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"Dangerous Dogs"

"Dangerous Dog" presentation

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Refusing to Let Police Enter W/o Warrant Is Not "interference with A Police Officer."

Refusing to let police search your home w/o a warrant is not "interference with a police officer."

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Amazon Sued for Recording Children via Alexa

For those of you who sacrificed fundamental privacy for a little convenience:
According to an article in the 6/13/19 The Hill, your children are being recorded:

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New York Loses Again - Cuomo Acknowledges Legal Defeats

Cuomo acknowledges legal defeats regarding common knives.

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Another Thank-You

Thoughtful thank-you.

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