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Update on EOPSS Memo and Its Refutation in Court:

EOPSS admitted in its memo that it has no licensing authority (by statute, that lies with the licensing authority in each individual town); it then told the chiefs whose imprudent revocations were overturned it would not issue licenses as ordered by those 14 courts..

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EOPSS Grudgingly Acknowledges Court Orders

EOPSS sent a letter to the fourteen litigants who defeated it in court, deigning to comply with the court orders to restore each litigant's license. There is no indication that EOPSS is recognizing the import of those fourteen consecutive defeats by rescinding its memo, which advised chiefs to revoke/refuse to renew licenses held by those who received relief from the Firearms Records Bureau..

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EOPSS now 0 for 13

ANOTHER COURT REJECTS THE EOPSS DICTAT. The Boston Municipal Court just issued the thirteenth consecutive decision overturning a revocation of a valid LTC by a police department acting merely in obeisance to the EOPSS memo.

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EOPSS Rejected for the 11th Consecutive Time

The Plymouth District Court overturned an LTC revocation by the Plymouth chief, who had obeyed the EOPSS memo, which has no authority, instead of using his statutory authority. That is the 11th such decision in seven months.

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Client Charged with Failure to Register Firearms

Client falsely charged due to poor police work, with trial delayed by inadequate preparation by the state; charge disposed of on terms favorable to the client the day of jury trial.

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October 2015

Attorney Langer was admitted to the bar of the Supreme Court of the United States, to file an amicus brief on behalf of Commonwealth Second Amendment in Caetano v. Massachusetts. This case challenged the Massachusetts prohibition against Electronic Defensive Weapons (EDWs); i.e., “stun guns.”

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March 2016

The Supreme Court acted on Caetano v. Massachusetts, the “stun gun” case in which Attorney Langer, on behalf of Commonwealth Second Amendment, filed an amicus brief. The Supreme court granted certiorari and, without need of a hearing, REVERSED the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court's decision a…

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Mass Lawyers Weekly Publishes Rebuttal Letter.

The Editorial Board of Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly ran an endorsment of AG Healey's unilateral inversion of what constitutes an “assault weapon.” My rebuttal to that endorsement ran the following week: Dear Editors: In the October 21st issue of MLW, the editorial board declared, “AG on right s…

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New Jersey Admits Its Stun-Gun Law Is Unconstitutional, Citing the Caetano Decision.

New Jersey has admitted the unconstitutionality of its stun-gun law, based upon the SJC decision in the Caetano case, in which the Supreme Court found the Massachusetts ban unlawful:

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