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Pet Owners - Check Your Contract!

I frequently see complaints from pet owners whose animals suffered harm while at a groomer, kennel, or pet/sitting/boarding service. Naturally, these people want compensation for the costs of getting their pet's injuries treated, and their first reaction is to sue..

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Another Town Yields to Law and Logic

A client now has his LTC being renewed after it was denied by the town, based on the specious EOPSS dictat from a year ago.

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Rhode Island Pistol Permit Issued

Happy to report another satisfied client, who - after 3.5 months - finally met with his chief and now has his RI Pistol Permit. This is his first permit.

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The New York Supreme Court Has Reversed a Safe Act Prosecution:

State of NY v. Wassell; Supreme Court, Appellate Div. No. KA 18-01593 (4/26/19) In a case alleging unlawful possession and sale of “assault weapons” prosecuted directly by the state Attorney General, the court found the AG had no jurisdiction in the action:

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Wisconsin Upholds the First Amendment and The Communications Decency Act

The Wisconsin Supreme Court rejects a lawsuit against Armslist, and upholds the First Amendment in the process…

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California's "Large Capacity Magazine" Ban Struck Down by Federal District Court

The Federal District Court for the Southern District of CA has permanently enjoined the State of California from enforcing its confiscatory "Large Capacity Magazine" ban. The decision is Duncan v. Becerra, a lawsuit brought by the NRA and California Rifle & Pistol Association. It is detailed by David Kopel in Reason Magazine here

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"Physicians and Firearms: Finding a Duty to Discuss,"

Exhortation to create a doctor's "duty to discuss" firearms with patients is inappropriate and unwarranted. Doctors are not qualified to discuss such choices, and the idea that they should is an attempt to politicize the doctor-patient relationship…

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Email Is Down!

Email is now restored

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Boston PD Licensing Practice Struck Down by Appeals Court.

Today's Mass. Lawyers Weekly covered the case in detail. A businessman applied for an unrestricted LTC and was issued one restricted to "Target & Hunting." That being useless for his need, he wrote - as directed to when he applied - for a lifting of the restriction..

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EOPPS' Memo Rejected for The 15th Consecutive Time.

The reversal of the Westford PD's revocation of a valid LTC, based upon EOPSS' unwarranted memo, makes the fifteenth consecutive rejection of EOPSS' reasoning by a MA court…

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